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Johnny Siebert with cross-country Awards

Awarded Two 25th & 26th Annual Telly Awards

Lawnmower Man Inc©. has received 8 different awards for education and training on How-to-Repair “Lawn mowers and Small Engines” and  with the  “Carburetor Repair” videos all on DVD.  Our videos are rated number one on today’s market on how-to-repair lawnmowers and or small engines.  We sell to public schools & libraries across the country as well as to you, the consumer. We have public schools that have purchased the Lawnmower Man videos and have been so impressed that they use the Lawnmower Man videos to teach small engine repair in their classrooms.  We GUARANTEE you will learn from our videos.

Johnny Siebert holding his Awards

Lawnmower Man Inc©. has received 4 Telly Awards for Education and training on How-to- repair lawnmowers and small engines including carburetor repair. 2 Communicator Awards for our videos for instructional training on lawnmower repair.  1 Videographer Award for Step-by-Step lawnmower & small engine repair. And 1 MarCom Creative Award for our training on  “Lawn mower and Small Engine Repair  Videos” on  DVD.


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